Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

We love having fun with our patrons and we love snapping photos at our events.  Check back often as we are adding snapshots all the time.


Now pat yourself on the back if you can remember when you used to have to shake the photo and wait sixty seconds before you could see the picture or if you remember dropping off your film and having to wait three days to get your photos back.  Those were what we call "The Good Old Days".

Future Soda Jerks
At Iron Pony in Westerville New Albany LAX Tourney
Downtown Columbus Market
Hoopin the Akron Auto Auction Getting Ready for GDC
Party at the Station
With the Fox28 Crew Good Day Columbus
Fun Graduation Party
Young Soda Jerks in Training
Pearl Market Downtown
Pearl Market Downtown
At The Ohio Statehouse
Who's that guy on the right?
A bunch of Jerks
Riverside Employee Party
All Smiles & Flots
Party at Riverside Hospital
Employee Appreciation Day
Party at Riverside Hospital
Party at Riverside Hospital
Hula Hoop Championships
A fine bunch of Jerks
SWAT Truck at Ye Olde Mill
Fund Raiser in German Village
Father / Daughter Soda Jerks

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